Top Photographer in Indonesia of All Time

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Photography is an art that everyone appreciates. The greatest keen of eyes have blessed us with wonderfully capture moments.

In a country such as Indonesia, it’s a no brainer that there are many talented photographers born in a beautiful place.

There are names to remember among the best of the best, ones that have proven times and times again on how good they are.

Here are top photographers in Indonesia that are worth to learn from.

1. Andreas Darwis Triadi

Darwis Triadi
Darwis Triadi

The man that is more known as Darwis Triadi is the most well-renowned photographer in Indonesia. He’s born with a great talent in getting the perfect photos in glamour and fashion industry.

Though at first, he didn’t know of his gift.

In the late 70s, he was thinking about what kind of lucrative jobs that didn’t need a formal education for, and photography came to mind.

He started to develop a career in photography in 1979.

Since then, his career has been taking off.

Awards upon awards have been received by Darwis Triadi.

His pictures are exceptional.

He said that when he grabbed a camera, that’s when he came finally alive.

His best achievement to date is when he was trusted to show his pieces in an international magazine called Hasselblad in 1990.

A big fashion magazine as big as Vogue had even taken noticed of his work and used them in the France edition in the same year.

These prove that Darwis deserves to be a top photographer in Indonesia of all time.

2. Oscar Motuloh

Oscar Matuloh
Oscar Matuloh

One name that you don’t want to forget when talking about Indonesian photographer is Oscar Motuloh. He’s a well-established journalist of Antara newsletter.

Born in Surabaya, he made a name for himself when started being a photographer journalist.

He started by learning on his own but then taking photography as a serious career when he took a formal education on the field in Hanoi, Philippine.

His work mostly focused on capturing Indonesia’s hot issues.

Over the years, his career has been skyrocketing.

People praised him for his striking pictures filled with emotion.

He then founded Antara Gallery for Photojournalism in Jakarta.

It becomes one of the most prominent photography organizations in Indonesia.

One of the universities in Indonesia even trusted him to share his expertise and become a professor there.

That’s why Oscar Motuloh is considered to be a top photographer in Indonesia.

Those are two photographers who deserve the recognition as being the top Indonesia.

They’re appreciated and loved because of their talent in capturing the best moments.

Their keen eyes have produced beautiful pieces over the years.

Through them, we can see impressive art that no other photographers succeed to replicate.

They’re truly the best of the best when it comes to photographers of Indonesia.