Tips Using Fix Lens to Achieve Stunning Photos

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When you pick your gear for the first time, you most likely will face the dilemma of what kind of lenses that would suit you, whether a prime lens or zoom lens that you should purchase is subjective.

But, many photographers seem to find that working with fix lenses give them depth of the field for their pictures, which what becomes photographers’ favorite aspect of using it.

If you’re also using a prime lens as your main gear, these tips using fix lens to achieve stunning photos is one that you should look into.

Max Out Your Prime Lens with These Awesome Tips

fixed lens
fixed lens

1. Shoot with The Intention of Cropping

When you’re limited with the line of your subject, try being conscious of the picture you’re taking.

You can take a wider picture first. Don’t worry about other objects that you don’t want in the final piece.

Remember, you have a post-production process to fix that later.

This will give you the flexibility and diversity in taking your picture. The cropped picture won’t be in a bad condition because fix lens has a sharp when you close down your f-stop.

You can even achieve a telephoto effect in your photos.

2. Use Panorama Technique for Wider Angles

Prime lenses are not meant to be used for taking wide angles photos. But, you can still achieve a stunning picture with one of these tips using fix lens. Get a similar effect of wide lens by using panorama technique to combine images.

Take two pictures next to each other as close and as stable as you can. Combine the two in the post-production process.

This’s not going to be as perfect as an actual wide lens, but at least this is the easy way to encompass more into your focal length.

3. Take a B-roll shot to tell a Story

Photographers often feel limited in taking their picture.

Especially for ones that use prime lenses as their gear.

Because it’s fixed and they can’t get any closer to the subject, they’re unable to tell the full story of the moments.

But, using a B-roll technique, you can still achieve a picture complete of depth.

This technique is usually used in movies by facing your camera up, down, and around.

It helps with the transition of one angel to another, so you can tell the story better by implementing tips using fix lens.


Having a fixed lens as your gear shouldn’t limit your creativity.

Instead, with the sharp and depth of the field of its primary feature, you can achieve stunning photos.

You can use it as how it means to be or using those tips stated above to create awesome photos that usually you can’t achieve with a prime lens.

But, of course, you can adopt your own rules however you like. What most important is that you enjoy the moments that you spend taking those art pieces.