Shockingly Unusual Tools for Photographers to Use to Create Impressive Pictures

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Photography is an art. It’s about freezing the best moments for people to admire.

It’s a piece that everybody can appreciate.

Putting some creativity into your photos will make it more impressive.

Tools for photographers have been used since forever. Instead of buying an expensive one like prism or fog machine, you can actually use stuff that you have already.

Take your photos to a higher notch with some tricks using household items that you find lying around.

Unusually Tools You Can Use in Photo-shoot

Unusually tools for camera hack
Unusually tools for camera hack

1. Use the Oldest Trick

Take out your old CD and wipe off the dust!

You can totally use it for your prop in photo-shoot. With the help of little light, you can bounce the light off of the CD’s surface to create a rainbow effect.

This hack is super easy. You don’t have to bring a big item as well, with just a ring of CD and your flash phone, you will have a more unique photos.

Direct the rainbow right on your subject, or to the background to give a different edge.

2. Go to Your Kitchen for Props

Other tools for photographers to use come from your own kitchen.

There are so many interesting kitchen tools that you can utilize to make an interesting photograph.

The most common ones are your strainer and cheese grater.

The holes on those items if use against sunlight, will create interesting shadows that is super cool.

It instantly transforms the mood of your photos that make it as if you’re in some unique architecture.

3. Cover Your Lens for Unusual Effect

This one is for you if you want to get different and unusual effect to your photos.

Instead of using items for props, why don’t use it in front of your lens too?

You can use things such as plastic bags and stocking that you have lying around.

Plastic bag gives your photos a soft filter. Wrinkle it to make more textured.

You should try the stocking trick. This is one of the tools for photographers to use to gives a vintage vibe for photos.

Copy them by covering your lens with old stocking you have.


A cool photo doesn’t always need an expensive prop.

Use your creativity to use household items that you have lying around as your tools.

You can use CD, some kitchen gadget or even just a plastic bag.

Those things are going to take your photos up a notch.

What even better about it is that it’s totally free!

How awesome!

So, next time you want to have a photo-shoot, take them with you.