Nature Photography: Things to Prepare before Getting Started

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Mother Nature is amazing. It’s filled with picturesque scenery, eccentric flora, and fauna, remarkable ecosystems that you just need to capture.

Being able to photograph gives a sense of fulfillment for those who love getting up and personal with the wildlife. This field will need dedication.

So, before you started in hounding in on nature photography, prepare to research these few things.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your Knees Dirty

nature photography tips
nature photography tips

1. Get to Know Your Subject

Whether you want to shot animals or scenery, you need to understand your subject.

Wildlife isn’t predictable. You can’t just take a walk somewhere and suddenly capture an interesting moment.

Instead, a well research and observation about your subject behavior will give you a higher chance of snapping a better photo.

So, you don’t have to spend hours just sitting there, instead, go to around the best time based on what you want to capture.

2. Get to Know Your Gear

Before you go out on the wilderness, make sure you understand what kind of gears you should bring.

With the intention of your subject of nature photography, bring the right camera, lenses, and other props that suit the environment and help you most in capturing your subject.

You need to also plan your shot when setting up your camera. Choose the right shutter speed, ISO, or others that may affect the quality of your final piece.

3. Get to Know Yourself

Unlike other fields of photography, you can’t exactly tell your subjects to repeat the process if you miss a perfect shot. Not really possible.

So, frustration while doing your job may be your reoccurring problems.

But, get in touch with your emotions and try to control yourself will be one thing that you should hold on while on the wilderness.

If you can make the frustration as a fuel to get, then it will make you take awesome nature photography.


Being able to join on the fun of capturing wildlife and awesome scenery will be so much rewarding.

If you want to get started as a nature photographer, you need to pay attention to the behavior of your subject, understand the gear that you bring and also check your emotion.

Those three things alone can get you far on the field.

Make sure before you get your knees dirty, get to know them more.

Hopefully, these tips can help you so you will enjoy your time with Mother Nature a lot more.