How to Get Sharp Images: 3 Simple Tips for Tack Sharp Photographs

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Have you ever snap the best moment with your camera, but the picture turned out blurry with no definition?

That would be the worst nightmare for photographers.

Most of us want to have a tack sharp image where the focus is on the main subject, filled with crisp details and clean lines.

So, what should you do to avoid that?

In general, on how to get sharp images, you can follow some of these rules below.

Try it for yourself, and see if you’re shot improved.

Tips to Get Your Picture Tack Sharp

How to get sharp images
How to get sharp images

1. Use Single Point Autofocus

In the default setting of most cameras, it will try to take pictures with as much of the scene to be visible and sharp as possible.

This’s a good setting if you use it for many photography styles.

But if you want to really get the most detail photo of your subject, then you probably should switch the setting to Single Point Autofocus.

This forces your camera to stay its focus sharply on one point.

Aim to your subject then half-pressed the shutter, this will keep the center of your frame super sharp.

2. Set for the Sharpest Aperture

Of course, the obvious tip on how to get sharp images on your photographs is to set your camera for the sharpest aperture on its setting.

Usually, most lenses can only achieve at one particular aperture. 2 or 3 stops from the widest aperture would most likely work in most lenses, putting it around f/8.

Keep in mind this setting, next time you do your shot.

Try to stay close in this optimum aperture whenever possible.

3. Lower Your ISO

The setting of your ISO is will highly affect your final photographs.

If you put your ISO at a high speed, the more of your subject is going to appear in your photo.

This’s not always good, because it disturbs the sharp details of your image, making it looks fuzzy.

Overall sharpness of your pictures won’t be as good.

If possible, use the lowest ISO in your camera. Most will be 100 or the 200. So, don’t worry about how to get sharp images, you will be good to go in lowering your ISO.


Getting your picture to have a tack sharp detail is not as hard as you think.

With three tips that you can easily follow, you can get the perfect shot.

So, keep in mind to use singe point autofocus, set your camera to have the sharpest aperture as possible, and lowering your ISO next time you have your photo-shot.

Those three alone will set you in motion to achieve it.