Canon or Nikon Camera? Which One Should I Buy?

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If you’re interested in photography, at some point you will want to buy your own camera. Then, you will be facing the never-ending debate of Canon vs Nikon and which one you should buy.

The two brands have been the leading rivals for professional or amateur photographers. You need to do good research in deciding Canon or Nikon camera that suit you best, seeing that whatever you ended up buying won’t be a cheap buck. Here are things to consider before you purchase the gear.

Canon or Nikon Camera? Which One Should I Buy? Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your First Camera

Canon and nikon camera
Canon and nikon camera

Which Brand Should I Invest on?

1. Quality of the Image

When comparing images taken from Canon and Nikon, you probably can’t spot the difference.

Both have been used by professional photographers for years in which both spectrums have produce stunning results.

It’s all come back to what you’re looking for.

If you’re really nit-picky about it, Nikon relatively tends to have a higher rate of dynamic range.

But, it’s what the camera tells you. It doesn’t always translate with a high noticeable difference in real image.

2. Lenses Selections

Whether you choose to buy Canon or Nikon camera, both brands have a wide variety of lens selections that you can choose.

It’s no wonder seeing they have been around since forever.

For popular focal lengths, both are available for you.

But, if you let’s say want to purchase a lens that is specific for your need, then check beforehand if the brand that you choose has that variety.

3. The Price Tag

Now, we talk about the topic that is most important before committing to buy your first camera, the price.

As we all know, the camera isn’t the cheapest commodity, especially if you just want to buy it as your side hobby.

You need to choose carefully. Canon or Nikon camera you say?

They’re not exactly cheaper than the other.

It does all depend on what kind of camera you choose. Right now, you the cheapest DSLR camera is held by Nikon D3500 for the tune of $500 just for started.


Doing the research of which one would suit you is the best route, seeing that whatever camera ended up buying you won’t be a cheap buck.

So, switching and replacing them if you don’t like it would cost a huge expense.

The best bet is by trying to use it first by borrowing both of cameras from someone that has them.

Choose one that you held in your hand the best. After that, you can purchase it with the safe bet that you will like it.