American Top Photographers on Instagram that You Need to Follow

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If you’re an aspiring photographer, take inspiration as much as you can to fuel your creative mind.

One really important thing if you want to figure out your style of photography is by seeing other people’s work.

Professional photographers are known for putting their work on Instagram as free content.

Use it for your advantage as inspiration to take your photos up a notch. Here are American top photographers worth following on Instagram.

Follow These Accounts to Fuel Your Creative Mind


1. Chris Burkard – @chrisburkard

Chris Burkard
Chris Burkard

One Instagram that surely makes you drool scrolling through it is Chris Burkard’s official account.

He’s an art photographer that focuses on stunning panoramic landscapes, watersports action shots, and travel subjects.

His clients include a big name such as Apple, Land Rover, and other well-known brands.

His works have been published through many household magazines such as GQ, NatGeo, Vogue and many more.

Aspiring photographers can take notes from the American top photographer as inspiration.

2. Steve McCurry – @stevemccurry

Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry

Not to be confused with the NBA All-Star, Steph Curry, Steve McCurry is well-established photojournalist from Philadelphia.

He’s famous for his shot of ‘Afghan Girl’ which is used in the cover of National Geographic’s magazine.

His feed on Instagram is filled with impressive photos of his work around the world.

Each of his pictures is filled with emotion that tells a story just by looking at it.

If photojournalism is what interests you, follow him along with other 2.5m followers to get inspired.

3. David LaChapelle – @david_lachapelle

David LaChapelle
David LaChapelle

LaChapelle is known to be the pioneer figure and a huge influence on modern photography.

His style of photography is a fine art and many described as ‘hyper-real’ or ‘subversive.’

Awards upon awards have been received by the American top photographer. He also has the privilege of showing his work all around the world.

You can easily pick out his work from the grab attention photos packed with colors and over the top style. Go to Instagram to find inspiration if you stuck with ideas.


As you’re an aspiring photographer, you can use other work of established and well-known photographers as your inspiration.

This’s totally fine to give you some ideas that you can implement in your own art, but never copy the other people imagine.

Look into the Instagram of the top American photographers to fuel your mind with endless concepts. Next time you stuck with your future photo-shoot, look into their Instagram.