3 Best Professional Camera for Beginner in 2019

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If you’re into photography, whether it’s for something like posting a picture Instagram or being a professional photographer, you need to invest in a professional camera.

You don’t need to spend so much money on getting the best models with so much gear yet.

Start from something that is relatively less expensive and more beginners friendly but still can take you further if you need it to.

The best professional camera for beginner is out there that fits that description.

Beginners Camera You Can Consider

1. Canon EOS Rebel T100/ 4000D

Canon EOS Rebel T100
Canon EOS Rebel T100

This camera is one that is popular for many reasons.

Rebel T100 has a steal price. Super cheap, bargaining at only $329, you can bring this baby home.

Like other families of Rebel, Canon doesn’t lower its quality of auto shooting mode and feature guide.

There’s a Creative Auto mode that you can use for more advanced technique.

Yes, it isn’t as good as pricier Canon cameras.

But, it’s the perfect camera for those of you who just trying to figure out whether or not photography is for you.

2. Nikon D3500

Camera Nikon D3500
Camera Nikon D3500

Coming around the same price, $396, Nikon gives you an option for the best professional camera for beginner.

It’s super beginner-friendly because Nikon D3500 features Interactive ‘Guide’ Shooting Mode that acts as your tutor.

The controls on this one are straightforward and easy to understand.

It also delivers a solid performance that is good for your handling.

Though, it lacks advanced features that you may need to play around with. But, if what you need is a basic camera, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Fujifilm X-T100

Fujifilm X T100
Fujifilm X T100

If you’ve been on the hunt of a mirrorless camera, look no further than Fujifilm X-T100.

This camera offers a viewfinder with a reasonable price, only $590 you can get your hand on this one.

That’s rare on the market for a mirrorless camera around that price.

Besides, you get the benefit of it being lightweight, compact, and portable.

You can totally choose Fujifilm X-T100 as your option of the best professional camera for beginners.

Brings it wherever you go for easier practice.


Choosing your first camera isn’t as hard as you think.

You can get the best quality camera while still at a reasonable price.

More importantly, a beginner camera should be easy to use so you can enjoy learning it without having to pull your hair too often.

It’s best if it has some features that offer a more advanced option.

Whether you pick Canon Rebel T100, Nikon D3500 or Fujifilm X-T100, you will set in the start of your photography’s journey.